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Our Vision

Pioneering the future of security, we envision a world where cutting-edge technology and strategic innovation redefine safety. Our commitment extends beyond conventional constraints, foreseeing a landscape where security measures are seamlessly integrated and accessible. Our vision is to lead in shaping a secure, efficient, and safe workplace for Inflight Crew Members, Law Enforcement officers, Corrections officials, and others while ensuring unruly individuals are not injured.

Our Mission

To reduce injuries to the Unruly person and first responders restraining an individual. There are a variety of restraining devices in the field of Security. Generally, handcuffs, such as wrists and shackles, are used but hurt when placed on suspects incorrectly. Disposable plastic handcuffs constrain any wrist or ankle movement but often require considerable skills, strength, and several people to help. With our product, and upon completion of the application training program,  restraining an unruly individual reduces the risk of injuries and requires only two trained first responders.

SafeBind Solutions

Elevate Security Across Industries with SafeBind Solutions. From Air Travel to Police Departments, Hospitals, Prisons, and Schools, LAPAJ Delivers Cutting-edge Safety Solutions for Varied Applications.

Lapaj+2 RED

Restraining device Lapaj+2 (body cuffs) – including neoprene case, carabine, and a Smith & Wesson key – suitable for instructors

Lapaj+2 BLACK

Restraining device Lapaj+2 (body cuffs) – including neoprene case, carabine, and a Smith & Wesson key

Lapaj+2 Aircraft Security Kit ASK

Crisis resolution kit for in-flight aggression, meeting ICAO standards.

Lapaj – Head Fix Bag

Safely and securely fix a handcuffed person's head, ensuring utmost safety and unparalleled comfort.

Lapaj+2 Tactical bag with MOLLE

Adaptable for police and special forces, ideal for LAPAJ+2

Lapaj RED + Head Fix Bag

Training restraint set with nylon case, carabine, Smith & Wesson key, and secure head fixation.

Need help in choosing Top-notch Security Solutions?

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  Our train-the-trainer program ensures the safe and proper application of the Lapaj. Annual recurrent training is available through our online training portal.

Why Us?

Safeguarding with Confidence: Unmatched Security, Unparalleled Trust

Secure Uses

Police vehicles – Aircraft – Ambulances – Hospitals – Prisons -Psychiatric Hospitals – Rehabilitation Centers – Trains – Front desks of Protected institutions

Unruly Passenger

LAPAJ+2 is designed for individuals with minimal strength, enabling them to restrain aggressors safely. 

Strong and Durable

Resistance strength surpasses 200kg, operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C, reinforced belt with two fiberglass lines, UL 94V-2 flammability standard compliant, and increased resistance to UV radiation.

Ready to Elevate Security?

Upgrade your safety with our comprehensive bundle of security solutions.

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