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Welcome to SafeBind’s comprehensive train-the-trainer program designed to elevate your expertise in dealing with unruly persons. Our essential training focuses on providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge for safeguarding high-risk environments and ensuring enhanced security using the Lapaj.

Once a month, we schedule a train-the-trainer program in Orlando, Florida. The training is designed to equip trainers with the necessary skills for various scenarios such as hospital security, law enforcement, education institutions or aviation. SafeBind’s training program provides you with the expertise to properly use the equipment, ensuring the safety of both the unruly person and your staff.  For larger departments with multiple trainers, we provide on site training.

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Practical Security Training Demonstrations

Visual Empowerment

Dive into our dynamic security training through captivating images and immersive experiences, led by expert instructors, empowering professionals with essential skills.


Elevate Your Security Journey: A Simple 6-Step Guide


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